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Homegrown marbled and tender beef, grass fed lamb and native breed pork

Collect from the farm
Free deliveries within 7 miles of EX31 4QU (Woody Bay)
Free drop off points in Lynton and Blackmoor Gate

Come and find us every Tuesday 10am-11am outside Lynton Town Hall

and look out for us at local markets

Beef, pork and lamb and individual cuts

We sell our meat in individual cuts and joints, as well as in larger boxes. We have a good selection of beef, pork and lamb available, not all of which are listed here, please get in touch. We are happy to help with specific butchery requests, including those which are perhaps a little more unusual if you are trying new recipes.


We have fresh beef, pork and lamb available throughout the year, please do enquire as to when this is likely to be. Often this will coincide with the Lyn Valley Market on the first Saturday of the month, but not exclusively.

Fancy a mixed box? Tell us what you'd like and we'll try our best to make it happen.


Please ring Anne on 07985 952766 or on

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Supporting other local businesses

We use Combe Martin Meats to process and butcher our animals, they do a great job and we’re proud that we can support another local business. Our animals travel less than 30 minutes to get to their site which minimises stress and increases animal welfare. It’s important to us that the animals are treated well and a few years ago we were pleased to be invited on a tour of their facility.

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