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Beef boxes - big and taster
  • Frozen

    These boxes are ready for local delivery; collection from Blackmoor Gate or Lynton; or you can pick up from Slattenslade Farm by arrangement.


    The big box contains:

    2-3 x roasting joints and slow cooking joints

    4-5 x pack of steaks and braising steak

    4-6 x 500g packs of mince

    2 x 500g pack of diced beef


    The taster box contains:

    1 x joint

    2-3 x packs of steaks

    2-4 x 500g packs of mince

    2 x 500g pack of diced beef

    Beef boxes - big and taster

    • Every box will be slightly different, and no box will ever be exactly the same and will vary from the photos. The weight of each box will vary slightly based on the value of the cuts in each box. Your beef box will be made up of a variety of the cuts listed below.


      Roasting joints – topside, silverside, top rump joint

      Slow cooking joints - brisket, LMC (leg of mutton cut – from inside the shoulder)

      Steaks (in packs of two) – rump steaks, sirloin steaks, fillet steaks, ribeye steaks

      Braising steaks (in packs of two) - shin and chuck steaks

      Mince (1kg packs)

      Diced beef (1kg packs)

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