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Recipes and inspiration

The following are a collection of recipes that I have cooked at home using our meat and I hope they will provide you with some ideas. I'll add more now and then. I am well known amongst family and friends as a bit of a slap dash cook, and I use recipes for inspiration and generally I’m not very good at following them to the letter (unless if I’m baking). Depending upon how key the ingredients are I’m happy to substitute them for something else if I don’t have it in stock or don’t like it, and I often cut corners if it looks overly complicated for little reason. Alex regularly jokes ‘So what’s this then?’ with the reply being something along the lines of ‘Well, it’s based on…’. So, I encourage you to experiment, and not to be too worried if you don’t end up with the ‘exact, perfect dish’. Is it tasty? Good, enjoy it then!

Recipes from elsewhere

Simply Beef and Lamb provides some amazing beef and lamb recipes, including: speedy lamb naans; moroccan spiced lamb; tangy summer lamb chops; hot seared beef salad; beef, bean and choritzo pasta; curries; and mini roasts.

Love Pork also provides a selection of mouthwatering pork recipes including recipes for speedy meals, for leftovers and lots of inspiration for cooking pork steaks and chops. BBQ lime and ginger steaks; balsamic pork with apples; sticky pork noodles; and one pan pork and mushroom filo pie to name a few.

Both websites offer 'how to cook' guides for each meat cut (and what you can ask your local farm to get butchered for you!), information about meat nutrition and a huge range of recipes.

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