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Lamb boxes - whole, half & quarter

Grass fed Exmoor lamb direct from our farm to your table. Lamb is such a versatile meat, perfect for roasting, slow cooking, succulent pulled lamb, curries, shepherd's pie or for cooking on the BBQ.

Lamb boxes are ready for when you want them. Collect from us at local markets, from Lynton Town Hall every Tuesday 10am-11am, from the farm or from Lynton/Blackmoor Gate. Or get a delivery direct to your door if you live within 7 miles of our farm.


A half lamb box contains:

6 packs of chops (2 chops in each pack)

1-2 500g packs of mince

2 leg roasting joints

2 shoulder roasting joints

1 kidney


Some half lamb boxes may also contain neck fillet, in which case they will only have 1x 500g pack of mince.


A whole box contains the same as two half boxes.


A quarter lamb box contains:

3 packs of chops (2 chops in each pack)

1 500g pack of mince

1 leg roasting joint

1 shoulder roasting joint


Please specify if you would not like the kidneys in your box.


Lamb boxes - whole, half & quarter

  • Every box will be slightly different, and no box will ever be exactly the same and will vary from the photos. The weight of each box will vary slightly based on the size of the lamb.


    These lamb boxes are frozen. We will have fresh lamb available throughout the year, if that's something you are particularily interested in, please get in touch. Contact us to buy individual cuts and joints.

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