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Individual joints and cuts
  • In addition to meat boxes and pre made packs we sell individual joints and cuts of our marbled and tender beef, native breed pork and grass fed lamb.


    Price is based on kg weights and cut type. Please see the price and cut lists on the main shop page of the website for more information. Fresh and frozen meat is available.


    Ring us up and have a chat (Anne 07985 952766) or send us an email on



    To give you an idea of the type of cuts we have available:


    Lamb - chops and cutlets, rack of ribs (6 bone, french trimmed), leg steaks, lamb and mint burgers (packs of 4), leg and shoulder roasting joints, mince, kidneys, liver, heart and bones


    Pork - chops, leg steaks, bacon, sausages (various flavours including gluten free), leg and shoulder roasting joints, loin joints, leg steaks, dice, tenderloin, belly pork slabs and strips, kidneys and liver


    Beef - steaks (fillet, ribeye, sirloin, rump), shin steaks for braising, mince, dice, stewing steak, roasting and braising joints (topside, silverside, leg of mutton cut, brisket, top rump)

    Individual joints and cuts

    • Weights will vary. Photos are for illustration only. 

    • Delivery or collection is free. Please contact us to arrange this, or leave your number and we will ring you. Available options:

      • Collect from Slattenslade Farm, Martinhoe, EX31 4QU
      • Delivery within 7 miles of EX31 4QU 
      • Collect at Blackmoor Gate or Lynton

      We will also be at the Lyn Valley Market at Lynton Town Hall on the first Saturday of each month, 10am-3pm.

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