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  • Are collections and local deliveries free?
    We offer free collections and local deliveries. If you leave your contact details we will be in touch, or you could call or message Anne on 07985 952766 ​ Collections: Collection from Slattenslade Farm, Woody Bay, EX31 4QU. Or Lynton Town Hall every Tuesday 10am-11am. ​ Local deliveries: ​ Delivery within 7 miles of EX31 4QU. This radius includes Blackmoor Gate and Lynton and the houses in between. For those further afield, a collection point at Blackmoor Gate or Lynton can be arranged.
  • Why do we freeze (some of) our meat?
    Freezing equals freshness and reduces food waste by prolonging shelf life (acting as a pause button). It is one of the most natural ways of preserving food and doesn’t involve any form of additive. Freezing locks in freshness, nutrition and flavour. If you order one of our meat boxes, some of which are approximately 10kg of meat, you are unlikely to be able to eat it all at once, so it’s likely that most of it will be frozen at home anyway. We are doing that work for you in a temperature-controlled environment. Vacuum packing is the best way to prepare meat for the freezer by minimising the amount of air in the packet, it’s safest way of preserving food and keeping it fresh, and our meat is vacuum packed at the butchers. If we only sold our meat fresh there would be times when we can’t sell everything, so that food would go to waste. We would probably have to charge our customers more to compensate for that waste, which isn’t right. Instead, we have chosen to freeze some of our meat to make sure that we have some available when you want it and that glorious food doesn’t go in the bin, respecting our environment and our animals.
  • Tips for freezing meat
    Make sure your freezer is set to -18C Do not refreeze foods once they have started to thaw (cook and then freeze) Make sure you’ve labelled everything, then you’re not playing potluck with random ice blocks When initially freezing multiple packs of meat spread it in a thin layer so it can freeze evenly, you can stack them when they’re frozen to make better use of space You can freeze cooked meat and leftovers, but make sure it’s on the same day as you made them and that they are fully cooled, they just won’t last as long in the freezer
  • Tips for thawing meat
    The best way to preserve your meat and food quality is to thaw it gradually in the fridge in advance of when you want to cook it (24 hours in advance, or 48 hours for 1-4kg joints) If you’re in a rush you can thaw meat in a cold water bath in its original packaging, change the water frequently Thawing at room temperature increases the chances of meat developing bacteria, which can spoil the flavour and potentially make you ill Do not cook frozen meat, ensure that it’s fully defrosted so you have a safe and evenly cooked meal
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