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Homemade mint sauce

Fresh mint – common garden mint (Mentha spicata), not peppermint or fancy varieties

White granulated sugar Vinegar – recommends white wine vinegar, or cider vinegar (other recipes recommend malt vinegar or balsamic, but they can be overpowering)

Boiling water


Strip the mint leaves off the stalks. Put the mint leaves on a chopping board, sprinkle the sugar over (the sugar adds abrasion, makes it easier to get a finer cut, and helps to release the flavour). Don’t use a blender, you want to have texture to the mint. Once chopped transfer to a small bowl or jug, pour over a little boiling water and bash the mixture with the end of a wooden spoon to help release the flavours and dissolve the sugar. Add in the vinegar and the let the sauce sit for an hour to allow the favours to develop.

Takes 5 minutes (plus an hour to develop flavour).

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